Sloan’s New York Grill was established to provide a memorable experience to all our guests by using locally farm raised meats, fresh hand selected local produce, a variety of craft beers from NY State, and a selection of wines from NY vineyards.
Our roots are upstate New York. Staying true to our roots, we purchase directly from local farms and producers. We pride ourselves on the freshness of our ingredients. We prepare everything on our menu from scratch and incorporate several cooking styles to offer a selection of foods which we feel will please everyone. We are able to infuse the flavors of the country lifestyle we cherish into the dishes we prepare for you by using our proprietary dry rubs, marinades, brines, roasting and slow smoking techniques, and grilling over a wood fire.
Recognizing that our local farms continue to struggle to survive, we feel that it is necessary and important to do our part to help them. Our supplier network continually grows as we reach out to local producers, thereby helping maintain our agricultural community.
We believe that by using local meats and produce, we are able to offer you a better product. Less time in transit equates to fresher ingredients. You also have the benefit of knowing the source of your foods, supporting our region’s rural landscapes, and preserving the future of the working farms that we all depend on. Our goal is to work closely with our local supplier network to provide you with an exceptional dining experience at the lowest price possible.
Primarily we are a steakhouse - yet we offer several items that contain no meat or meat by-products. Local herbs and vegetables are a critical part of what we do, and although our regional growing season is short, we are able to maintain a local supply for the majority of the year as our growers move indoors. Our meat products are locally raised and processed, then butchered on site. The many cuts of beef and pork you see available in our retail display cases and on our menu have been hand cut by Chef Chris Sloan, and we guarantee their freshness and high quality. As we and our supply network evolve, so will our product offerings. We will do our very best to accommodate any special requests you may have and will always strive to maintain affordable pricing.
Sloan’s Menu has many unique offerings. We offer our interpretation of some modern dishes, some old style classics and a touch of ethnic diversity. Let’s not forget our BBQ with its southern heritage and our own regional adaptations. We feel that by utilizing fresh herbs, toasted spices, dry rubs, marinades, and a few secrets of our own, we have created the robust flavors that our local meats deserve. We firmly believe that today’s consumer knows that fresh ingredients taste better, and we invite you to taste the difference between Sloan’s and the rest.